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General Practice


This is a fully accredited general 


practice committed to comprehensive


care for all ages from newborn babies


to those of advanced age. This


includes immunisations, care of


certain fractures and dermatoscopy


assessment and  removal of skin


lesions. A large part of our work is in


preventitive medicine and care of


diabetes and cardiovascular disease.


The practice is well equipped with an 


 ECG, spirometer, doppler ultrasound,


audiometry , defibrillator , oxygen and


equipment for resuscitation. We 


are associated with the South Eastern


Melbourne Medicare Local. 


Dive Medicine
 Dr Roberts is a member of SPUMS . the South Pacific Underwater Medical Society . We perform medical exams that comply with AS 4005 as required for entry level divers. The examination is outlined in the link below - print and complete the questionnaire and bring it  to your appointment.
Our current fee is $150 (not covered by Medicare)

Aged Care/Home Visits


Dr Roberts visits several nearby nursing and


special accommodation homes . Home visits


are also frequently done on those unable to


attend the office. These are scheduled


between 12.30 and 2pm. Phone before


lunch to request a home visit. Dr Roberts


will assess whether a visit is appropriate.


Out of hours the locum service is available    


on 132660.

Travel Medicine
We are an approved vaccination centre for Yellow Fever vaccine. We are also able to advise and administer  all other required travel health medication/ vaccines. 
Antenatal Care


Dr Ian Roberts is accredited to provide


antenatal shared care in association


with Monash, Dandenong and Mercy


Maternity Hospitals. This enables most


antenatal visits to be done at our


rooms rather than the hospital and


investigations can be arranged locally.

Women's Health

Dr Rachael Roberts has extensive experience and interest in all aspects of Women's health


Men's Health


Men's health is obviously of equal importance. The emphasis is on prevention of heart attack , stroke, diabetes and bowel cancer as well as the management of depression and prostate issues.

Drug and Alcohol 


Opiate replacement significantly reduces  the risk of overdose and infection in   heroin users and increases the likelihood of  them  returning to work. It also reduces crime and risk of Hepatitis and HIV virus spread to the community. 

Dr Roberts is an approved methadone and buprenorphine prescriber. There is a severe shortage of methadone prescribers and we have to limit  the number of patients accepted . Assisting with alcohol- related problems is also part of our practice.

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